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  2. Mike Mike

    Josh is [bleep]. He needs to learn how to play guitar, and stop counting on his good looks to score gigs. All those pretty boys have the same attitude, who cares what I plays, I look good no matter what.
    So [bleep] you Josh Miller,
    love, peace, chicken grease

  3. James Johnson

    I disagree with the last guy. Josh has soul and plays and sings like the greats: with character and passion.

    Josh man, when are you going to drop that new album?

  4. Armelle

    Hi Josh, I heard there’s gonna be a new album in april, I’d like to hear some of it, especially one song…I assume you remember me from your last trip in Nantes! Hope you’re ok. C U

  5. Insulationman

    How’s about updating the calendar??? Saw you for the first time at the Art Festival and was blown away. Would like to see you again but…

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