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  2. Mike Mike

    Josh is [bleep]. He needs to learn how to play guitar, and stop counting on his good looks to score gigs. All those pretty boys have the same attitude, who cares what I plays, I look good no matter what.
    So [bleep] you Josh Miller,
    love, peace, chicken grease

  3. James Johnson

    I disagree with the last guy. Josh has soul and plays and sings like the greats: with character and passion.

    Josh man, when are you going to drop that new album?

  4. Armelle

    Hi Josh, I heard there’s gonna be a new album in april, I’d like to hear some of it, especially one song…I assume you remember me from your last trip in Nantes! Hope you’re ok. C U

  5. Insulationman

    How’s about updating the calendar??? Saw you for the first time at the Art Festival and was blown away. Would like to see you again but…

  6. Bolder

    I heard him last week on the beach, Josh has such a wonderfull voice and he is a very talented guitarist player.
    I loved his show

  7. busker

    thot you’d like to know – u wuz rekommended bytthe island music store

  8. Tom bradford(tommy free)

    Been wonderin how you have been doing,been a bit since our jam out at dennis’s house,both fell asleep with our guitars lol,i still won’t call you ‘creepy’ get in touch with an old guitar buddy

  9. Stefanie Stankus

    Miss you! My parents saw you play this weekend—I’m so jealous. I would love to see you again if you are not to cool for the little people now.

  10. James Johnson

    Years later dude, still jamming to your shiznit!

  11. JSR

    Hey Josh, just remembering how great it was to see you live and to get to know you the little that I did. I moved from the beach, but I will always remember how great you were as a person and how fun your live shows were. Are you playing shows soon or have a schedule? Hope this finds you doing fantastic!

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